Grass is Good.

Our mission at Grass Creative has always been to give back and to make a positive impact in our community. Through our Grassroots Giving initiative, we continue to strive to help as many people as possible through strategy and design.


Our Non-Profit Contributions
74 Projects  //  1278 Hours   //   $255,470


We help non-profits and government organizations dig deep, refine goals, find their voice, and better understand their community. With crystal-clear messaging and deliberate design, our strategic solutions deliver everything you need to make an impact and develop long-lasting relationships that not only sustain your organization, but help it grow.


01. Who?

We are looking to partner with nonprofits with a well-defined and attainable goal.


02. What?

Grass Creative will offer our services, at a reduced rate or free of charge, to a nonprofit community organization.


03. WhEN?

Now. We have an open + ongoing application process, selecting one or more organization at a time, as our schedule allows.

04. WHERE?

Grass will consider nonprofits located anywhere in the world that are committed to great communication.

05. HOW?

Simple. Send us your project info + we'll be in touch.


Receiving Pro Bono Support

Grass carefully reviews all pro-bono candidates and selects the beneficiaries of its Grassroots Giving Initiative on a rolling basis, based on availability. All pro-bono beneficiaries are required to have an official 501(c)3 status, or the international equivalent.


Not a Non-Profit? You Can Still Help!

Spread the word. Share this page with your favorite community organization.

Their words, not ours.


“With Grass as a partner and fellow traveler, we were able to build a community-based organization from the ground up with a clear identity that reflects the values of our members and community. They are creative, fun, reliable, and effective.”