We are Grassfed, a full-service design agency for food and beverage brands.

The way to your customer’s heart is through their stomach. We have over 20 years branding and marketing in the food and beverage space. From global to local, whether you’re launching a new CPG, or opening a restaurant, we can help you tantalize their taste buds and leave them wanting more.


Bars & Eateries

• Restaurant Naming
• Restaurant Brand Identity
• Restaurant Menu Design
• Branded Interior Design
• Signage & Storefront Design
• Food Photography
• Restaurant Website Design

Packaged Foods

• Product Naming
• Brand Identity & Logo Design
• Food Package Design
• FDA Compliant Nutrition Facts
• Outer Package Design
• POP/POS Displays
• Website/E-Commerce Design


• Product Naming
• Brand Identity
• Drink Package Design
• TTB Compliant Alcohol Packaging
• Outer Package Design
• POP/POS/PDQ/Displays
• Website Design


Clarify your brand, not just your butter.

We’ll help you attract and engage more customers with a crystal clear message and captivating design. Our facilitated process will clarify your vision, test your ideas, identify your ideal customers, and speak to them in a genuine voice.


Our Four-Course Menu for Brand Success


01. Discover

We have questions. Lots of them. We want to know all about you, your competition, and especially your customers. It’s going to get real, and it’s going to be worth it.


02. Design

Once we have a solid understanding and a consensus with you, we can begin the design process. We will work through four phases: concept, design, refine, execute.


03. Deliver

Now that you have a brand new look you’ll want to show it off to the world. We’ll help you get it right across all channels and mediums. From your business card to a billboard.


04. Measure

That which can be measured can be improved, right? So, we'll want to know just exactly how your investment paid off and together, we can make any adjustments, if needed.


We are a full-service agency for restaurants, packaged foods, and beverages; both alcoholic and not-so-fun kind.

Whether you’re launching a new brand, repositioning and existing one, or just need a better menu design; with over two decades in the industry, working with top global brands, we know food + beverage.

We will partner with you to get to know your business, your customers, and the competitive landscape. And together, we’ll create an engaging brand identity, eye-catching package designs, intuitive e-commerce websites, and so much more.

From strategy and naming, to messaging and storefront design; if you’re in the food + beverage industry, we’ve got you covered.



Select Services

• Customer Profiles
• Brand Attributes
• Marketing Funnels

• Logo Design
• FDA/TTB Compliant Packaging
• E-Commerce Website Design
• Food Photography

• Print/Digital Advertising
• Branded Interiors
• Signage/Storefront Design


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